Listening to a Different Rhythm

As I’m sure you, too, have discovered, there are many occasions when clock-time/calendar-time (chronos) is just not in synch with human-time/soul-time or divine-time/sacred-time (kairos). This is one of those occasions. I will post the “official Friday, August 6″ blog at noon on Saturday, August 7. I hope you’ll check back then.

In the meantime, I’m going out to enjoy the varied multitude of bees, butterflies, and birds that are enjoying our summer “pollinators’ garden.” Hummingbirds — which thronged by the dozens at the farm, but have been a rare sight since we’ve moved to town — dart by twos & threes from flower to flower. And a goldfinch sits on the tallest pink zinnia, stripping off the petals one by one as she seeks the miniscule seeds that nestle underneath.

We know how leaves give
their hearts to the dance:
water, air, light spiraling in and out:
                  -- receive and release,
                     receive and release --

Or the heart of the hummingbird who stood
this morning midair before the fuchsias,
turning nectar into glinting dance:
                  -- receive and release,
                     receive and release --

What can my human heart offer the earthly round?
It fills with coppery feathers and blossoming bells, then
lets loose syllables that fly abroad, ringing with gratitude:
                  -- receive and release,
                     receive and release --


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