The Story Isn’t Finished

As you may have noticed in last week’s post, I delight in ambiguity & paradox and revel in the fact that we don’t know it “all” & can’t even assume that we know the full extent of what we don’t know!

This must surely be part of my fascination with Trickster for he is paradox personified & his tales never have a “final” ending. There is always a sense of more to come, of unknown consequences that are sure to follow. As long as one word of one Trickster tale is out there somewhere, anything is possible!

I never would have guessed that, after 20+ years, Raven would finally decide to land on the shawl I’d woven for him & then abandoned as hopeless. I certainly thought that story finished when I folded up the shawl and put it out of sight.

Now — two decades later — after the shawl serendipitously came to light, I finally figured out that my original plan had been too simple for Raven. If he was going to play a part in the story, Raven wanted more pizzazz, more improvisation & bricolage, and definitely more room for trial and error. (He loved the “error” part!) So here he is at last:

[Weaving, felting, applique, embroidery, wool, silk, mixed fibers, antique button & handmade ceramic button — Margery Knott]

Still, as we know, Raven’s Trickster Spirit never settles in one place for long. I’m curious to see what mischief he’ll get up to next….!

Narrative Theology #1 by Pádraig Ó Tuama

“And I said to him:
Are there answers to all of this?
And he said:
The answer is in the story
and the story is still being told.

And I said:
But there is so much pain.
And she answered:
Pain will happen.

Then I said:
Will I ever find meaning?
And they said:
You will find meaning

where you give meaning.

The answer is in the story
and the story isn’t finished.”