"Secretly we spoke,
That wise one and me.

I said, Tell me the secrets of the world.

He said, Sh…Let silence

Tell you the secrets of the world."

                                             ~~~ Rumi

Keeping Quiet  ~~~ Pablo Neruda

"Now we will count to twelve
 and we will all keep still
 for once on the face of the earth,
 let's not speak in any language;
 let's stop for a second,
 and not move our arms so much.

 It would be an exotic moment
 without rush, without engines;
 we would all be together
 in a sudden strangeness.

 Fishermen in the cold sea
 would not harm whales
 and the man gathering salt
 would not look at his hurt hands.

 Those who prepare green wars,
 wars with gas, wars with fire,
 victories with no survivors,
 would put on clean clothes
 and walk about with their brothers
 in the shade, doing nothing.

 What I want should not be confused
 with total inactivity.

 Life is what it is about...

 If we were not so single-minded
 about keeping our lives moving,
 and for once could do nothing,
 perhaps a huge silence
 might interrupt this sadness
 of never understanding ourselves
 and of threatening ourselves with

 Now I'll count up to twelve
 and you keep quiet and I will go."

3 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I have come to enjoy my quiet time with our dog, Teddy, in the early morning hour before sunrise, just sitting outside and basking in the quietness. Such a gentle way to begin the day.


  2. At first I thought, well I won’t comment because that would be breaking the silence…still, yesterday, a simple moment in time:

    We had errands and made a quick stop to a thrift store to bring some donations. I did not want to get out of the car as it was bone-chilling cold. Since I always have a book in my purse for moments like these, I felt cozy and comforted staying in the car. As I reached down to get my book, I noticed the sky and simply stopped my action. I sat up, looking at that sky, watching it darken, wisps of clouds like smoke setting across the sky. In the distance, the Sandia Mountains partially covered with these clouds, dark, looking like the outline of an ancient dinosaur…Shortly after, the sky thundered, the skies opened, and rain poured down In those moments as my mind filled with sights and natural sounds, nothing else existed, I was in nature’s bubble, the only person on the planet… then the world became quiet save for the tinkling of rain drops …not exactly silence but rather a moment in time that had all to with an acknowledgement and appreciation of seasons dance.


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