Back in March 2021, when I sent that first installment of “Sharing Trickster’s Hoard” flying out into the unknown, I wrote: “I’ll start by posting once a week on Fridays. Then we’ll see whether Trickster has something else in mind.” I’ve stuck with Fridays for almost two years — 94 posts. As much as I dislike deadlines, they are often life-lines for me — forcing me to stop galloping off in a dozen different directions & focus my thoughts. So, once a week it has been — a good, rhythmic journey from which I’ve learned much more than I had ever expected. Now, however, Trickster is taking me by the hand & suggesting I try something else.

Over the last 10 years or so, my body has developed a number of issues, the main one being my heart — its crumbling architecture & its tangled and unreliable wiring — blood unable to proceed smoothly on its expected rounds, wildly erratic heartbeats, no steady rhythm on which to build. With unpredictable days when neither my brain nor the rest of my body get all the blood they need, my life has changed. I cannot depend on my body to cooperate with my plans & schedules.

Sharing Trickster’s Hoard continues to be a precious & liberating experience for me — and I love hanging out with all you wonderful & amazing people. So, I’ve decided not to say my farewells. There are so many unfolding wonders & wonderings & stories still to play with. And l love hearing your responses & your stories in return! Such gifts you have given me!

I will send out letters to you as I can — quite randomly. And randomness is certainly in keeping with both Trickster & what many scientists tell us about the underlying nature of the Universe! 🙂


In the January Reflection sent out by The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World , I was delighted to see this quote from Thomas Berry:

“Through our contact with the natural world we learn that the universe throughout its vast extent in space and throughout its long sequence of transformations in time is a single multiform celebratory event.  Our role is to enter into this celebration in a special mode of conscious self-awareness, for this celebration is the divine liturgy, the purpose of all existence, a celebration begun in time but continued through eternity.”

Questions I’ve been asking myself today:

If the Universe is an on-going Emergence, how am I emerging at this point in time?

How am I — as part of the Universe — celebrating?

I’ve been spending long moments, even hours, beholding the land behind our house: this morning’s dense fog; my teacher, Old Oak; the birds that gather at the feeders in such a perfect & perfectly surprising array of sizes, forms, colors & personalities; and the shifts & plays of winter light. Such beauty! And I no longer have much doubt that Beholding, Loving, and Praising are “Real Work” — maybe as important to the Cosmos as any other form of creative work I might undertake. It’s not as tangible as a woven mask or a story or a garden or a tasty stew, but could it be just as essential? Certainly it is Celebration!

And what of praise?

In his poem of the same name, the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski implores us to “Try to Praise the Mutilated World.”

Pattiann Rogers has written a lovely poem imagining the role of Praise, which I may have already shared with you:


Suppose the molecular changes taking place
In the mind during the act of praise
Resulted in an emanation rising into space.
Suppose that emanation went forth
In the configuration of its occasion:
For instance, the design of rain pocks
On the lake's surface or the blue depths 
Of the canyon with its horizontal cedars stunted.

Suppose praise had physical properties
And actually endured? What if the pattern
Of its disturbances rose beyond the atmosphere,
Becoming a permanent outline implanted in the cosmos ---                  
The sound of a celebratory banjo or horn
Lodging near the third star of Orion's belt;
Or to the east of the Pleiades, an atomic
disarrangement of the words,
"How particular, the pod-eyed hermit crab
and his prickly orange legs"?

Suppose benevolent praise,
Coming into being by our will,
Had a separate existence, its purple or azure light
Gathering in the upper reaches, affecting
The aura of morning haze over autumn fields,
Or causing a perturbation  in the mode of an asteroid.
What if praise and its emanations
Were necessary catalysts to the harmonious
Expansion of the void?  Suppose, for the prosperous
Welfare of the universe, there were an element
Of need involved.

Well, why not?

photo by Luke Stackpoole (

10 thoughts on “BECOMING RANDOM

  1. There are those moments when we are busy with living and go about our days, eyes down, hurrying to do what we think we need to accomplish…then there are those moments when a light breeze touches our face, we look up or we see movement on the ground and we look down and discover a world of such ordinary beauty that these moments become sacred…random moments, unplanned. moments that are life’s gifts and they become all the more touching, magical, memorable, connective and special, for their randomness…

    This is a long way to say that dear Margery, whenever you drop a line, put down a few words, we will be here to receive them and the joy of their unexpected arrival, will continue to be such a gift.


    • Seems that one of the great teachings of Trickster & all the Others is to move with the flowing World & not get stuck in judgement … which only seems to lock one out of the World into some ego-box or another.
      Thank you for continuing to teach this in your living! With love, courage … gently, compassionately, beautifully.


  2. I got excited to see that you posted .. not so excited to read about your heart troubles. First and foremost it’s good that you’ll be listening to your body and visiting us here whenever you can . Sending Blessings


  3. The universe is random, devolving (or developing) into chaos, so they say, Every time is one time. Every place is one place. Everything, everyone is one. Infinity and eternity.

    Thank you for not saying farewell and for taking care of yourself. I know I appreciate your posts.

    Be well.


  4. I read your words and am grateful you will continue here, however you may. I will think of you in love and light as you travel along. I too consider things as my body presents challenges (uterine cancer). I rest in the knowledge of the important role of connection, however or wherever you find that. Please take care of yourself, in the ways that work for you.


  5. My dear Margery – as you know, I’ve been aware of your health issues for some time now. I’m happy about your decision to continue but in a random manner as prompted. To me, this is a shift from serial “thinking” to more cyclical “feeling” to decide when to post. If pushed, I would say this is a shift from a more masculine structured approach to a more feminine process approach. You’re now feeling your way through this. As Julian of Norwich said, “all shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” Know that you are loved by your readers and supported by the goddesses and mystics. We all look forward to your postings and your beautiful wisdom and sharing.


  6. AND … we just passed through a beautiful full moon that helped us release that which no longer serves us and begin anew that which we wish for the coming months. So you are blessed and supported on this level as well.


  7. when i arrive here, i always know that it is going to be ….for a time. I often read and then just sit with what i have read, holding it. often, go back to read again. and then go off, to come back a day or two later, or more but i always come back again, to re read. what you offer here is Active within me. Like yeast. takes time.
    and surprise will be good. To return to re read and find that you have left something new….i can look forward to this. VERY much.

    i was squatting yesterday in the single day of sun, and i thought about your gift of Pattiann’s words, squatting, watching the run of pure water over the stones in the road and i thought about Praise and i thought about your heart,
    how it has served you well for your years and how it continues now, even
    tho it is a little worn and i said some words of Praise…i thought of your heart and this run of sky water on the stones and the joyful flow, i wish that for your trusty heart. i wish joy for you and i thank you so much for this Place here. That you will keep it for us. Thank You and Love


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